Just as with other collectibles, Spanish porcelain figurines are available as part of open editions, limited-editions and numbered series. Visit www.thecollectorsboutique.com and discover an elegant and classic selection of porcelain figurines and home decor. 


Limited Edition

These figures are produced in a limited quantity from the date of its issue. Unlike open edition and parts of a numbered series, limited-edition figures do not have a retirement date. Instead, a certain number of figures are produced, and they are sold until all of them are gone. These figures come with a certificate of authenticity to verify their status as limited-edition pieces.

In Open Editions, the piece is produced in an unlimited number from the date of its issue until its retirement year.

Numbered Series

In Numbered Series, the piece is produced from the date of its issue until its retirement date, but numbered in a non-limited form, and commercialized together with a numbered certificate.

Retired Pieces

For retired pieces once a particular figurine is sold out, the company no longer offers it for sale. Retired figures can be found and purchased from other collectors and private sellers however in some instances they may be sold without the original packaging.

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