Nao porcelain by Lladro introduces its exclusive collection of Disney figurines. Featuring great classics such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and all the Disney Princesses! These handmade collectible ornaments of timeless classics will be loved by people of all ages.

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Enjoy these disney porcelain figurines from your favourite characters including Peter Pan, Donald Duck and Snow White and the 7 Little Dwarfs. Figurines are a well-loved tradition and make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones of all ages. Choose from our collection of elegant porcelain figurines at The Collector’s Boutique Website. Discover figurines from Nao by Lladro, Nadal and more.

Character figurines are the perfect way to show love for a childhood hero. Whether it’s Mickey or Minnie Mouse or Pinocchio, those that love Disney will enjoy keeping their favorite characters close at hand.

Capture the magic of Disney with these collectible porcelain figurines. Each figure is handmade by masterful porcelain artists cut in the spitting image of iconic characters including Bambi, Eeyore & Tigger making these figurines an ornament of timeless beauty.

People of all ages will enjoy this selection of well-loved figurines. Choose from collections including the Disney princesses, Mickey Mouse and friends, Tinker Bell figurines and more.

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